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Talking Therapy

Its Good to Talk

Face to Face-Virtual-Phone

Talking therapy - Counselling, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) - can help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings. With this knowledge change is possible. I encourage and empower individuals to take responsibility for their development within therapy. 

I also offer Virtual Therapy and Counselling via video and telephone, for your convenience. I use Zoom or What’s App so it doesn’t matter where you are based! I have had clients as far afield as France and China. 

Children & Young People 11- 17 years

Sometimes young people need a safe space away from friends and family to talk about their feelings and process anything they are finding challenging.

Saturday & evening appointments All appointments are available for Face - Face, Phone or Virtual Sessions.

Price £65 per 50 min session 80 min session £95


Walk & Talk Therapy

Therapeutic Sessions in Nature

I offer spring to autumn walk and talk counselling and psychotherapy at local riverside walks, countryside and parks. Counselling and psychotherapy sessions outside, walking in nature. Walk and talk or Ecotherapy can provide the space and energy that can’t be found in the therapy room. Research shows connecting with nature during the act of walking therapy is beneficial for mental health, alleviating symptoms and raising self- esteem. I am a member of Ecopsychology network.
£65 per 50 min session



Bespoke 1-1 class either Face to Face or Virtual, inside or outside in nature...your choice. Yoga Alliance 200 hours Teacher.

Yoga is commonly known for lessening stress, enhancing flexibility, and promoting a sense of wellbeing. However extensive research supports yoga improves mental health. It can reduce anxiety, anger, symptoms of PTSD and depression. It can also improve sleep. Yoga has so many therapeutic benefits so join me for your personalised class designed just for your needs. New to yoga? No worries yoga is for all bodies, all shapes, and sizes. See you on the mat!
£60 per 1 hour session including meditation and take home session plan


Single Session Therapy

Help When you Need it.

Single session therapy aims to provide help for you within 72 hours. There are 4 stages to this process: 

1.Initial call to talk about what support you need.

2.Single face to face or virtual talking therapy to provide you with the tools you need to help you with the immediate problem you are facing.

3. An emailed plan

4. A follow up call to see how you are doing.

Please know that more sessions are available should you need this, but often clients can use their own skills and the resources given to make good strides forward on their own.



Therapy with Yoga

Feel Better Quicker

 I offer a combination of talking therapy followed by a bespoke yoga class to optimise change. Yoga practice takes you away from overthinking and ruminating and gives your brain a break from worry. Brilliant for improving self -regulation of emotions, balancing body and mind. Studies show that yoga can significantly reduce generalised anxiety. (New York University Grossman School of medicine 2020).

 It is possible even after one session to come away with a quieter mind, feeling calm, refreshed. You do not need to be flexible and Yoga is for all bodies. I am a Yoga Alliance 200 hours Teacher.



Coaching Psychology

Life Coaching with Craig Pearce

The method of coaching psychology is best defined as a process for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work. Craig will guide you to make your own discoveries through focussing on your specific goals. 
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